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Msumbi Coffees

About Us

Msumbi estate Ltd. was founded in the year 2000 and built from an ancient rundown coffee farm in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. The farm became a passionate project; emerging as the exquisite Msumbi Coffee Estate after intense work and renovation. In 2004, the first Msumbi Coffeeshop was born in Arusha, with its unique decoration and atmosphere, dedicated to the pursuit of coffee perfection and the delivery of a real taste of nature.

Tree to Cup

Msumbi Coffees focuses on the cultivation of divine Arabica beans, which we then process and roast to perfection in order to offer our customers an exclusive taste of nature's jewels. 

Check out our "Tree to Doorstep" video!

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Our Team

From the Msumbi Estate, to the Msumbi Coffeeshops spread across Tanzania, we aim to support local welfare and provide intensive and whole-hearted training.


From the start, our Msumbi Coffeeshops have been committed to promoting gender equality and supporting Tanzanian women in particular. Our Coffeeshop ladies come from all corners of the country and bring their unique culture and ideas to the mix, whether their origins lie in the Chaga, Masaai, Msambaa, Kinyiha or Mbungá tribes of the united Swahili people.

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